Express Tax Return

Express tax return or express tax refund is a tax preparation software that taxpayers can use to file their income tax returns.

Similar to other online tax preparation software, express tax refund guides you through each part of preparing your return. However, unlike other more up to date tax software, express tax refund does not have a running refund feature so you will not be able to see your results until you are done with the process.

Express tax refund may also be used for different filing statuses including single, head of household, married filing jointly, married filing separately, and qualified widower.

Compared to other tax preparation software, express tax refund’s help center is very limited. When you click the link “FAQs, Tax Guides and Tax Tools” you will only found a handful of FAQs. Even if you log in to your account, you will not find additional information. You also won’t find much explanation or software in this software.

Aside from this, a taxpayer will also encounter a few other more pressing concerns when using this software. First, the express tax software failed to detect erroneous amounts for social security and Medicare tax for the amount of income. Other tax preparation software detected the error. Second, when the process was done, the total amount for submitting a federal and state return was a lot more, compared to other services, while the tax refund amount was a lot less. This may be due to how express tax refund’s pricing structure functions: they charge for the basic package, but then charge another $20 for e-filing, plus $20 more for state taxes. Extra items such as chil care credit, itemized deductions, education tax credit and earned income credit can run up to an additional $10 each, resulting in a fairly standard return.

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